Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Day One

Since Inaugruation Day 2009, the actions of Barack Obama's administration have served, in my mind, as a wake-up call to what has happend to our political system over the last hundred years or so.

Prior to Obama, the creep of the Progressive movement remained off my radar screen. But the financial rescues that were perpetrated on the taxpayers in the last days of the Bush administration, followed by the orgy of pork-laden spending in the first days of the Obama administration truly served as a wakeup call to me and many of my close friends.

Over the past one hundred days I have been consumed by reading and information gathering. Besides paying attention to what goes on in the financial industry, I have paid much closer attention to what's going on in the political "industry" in Washington DC.

To illustrate why I think that speaking out to educate my fellow citizens is necessary, let me quote from a recent Rasmussen Poll conducted in late April, 2009. In this poll 27% of Americans polled thought President Obama was either a moderate or a conservative. Four percent had no idea. But, his voting record, his appointments and his vision for the country positions him squarely as a liberal. Nearly 1/3 of Americans have no idea of the kind of leadership that is in power right now.

Hence, the realization of my calling starts here.

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