Thursday, July 16, 2009

An open letter to Sen. Carl Levin

Senator Levin,

I urge you in the strongest terms to vote against the Health Care Bill. The past 6 months of the Obama administration remind me of an out of control train careening down a mountain.

Apply the brakes. Slow down. Stop the train.

The health care issue including Medicare and Medicaid is too important and complex to "ram through" just because the Administration has the votes. I am approaching the age for Medicare and it's broken, broken badly. The issue needs careful study, debate, reworking, more debate and so forth before the final "fix" is codified into law. Then, perhaps concurrently, a plan for improving the insurance needs of the rest of the nation can be addressed.

If I can be frank with you for a moment. In the last election, I campaigned for Mr. Hoogendyk. I did not do a lot, but now, seeing how you and the rest of your party are acting, I wish I had campaigned my heart out for Mr. Hoogendyk. Rest assured that unless you start putting the brakes on this runaway train, I WILL campaign my heart out against you in 5 years.

I have no illusion, however, that my letter will make any difference in your vote on this issue, as my examination of your voting record indicates you are solidly partisan and quite incapable of voting against your party. I mean no disrespect, Sir, but as they say, "this is politics". Since I don't have the money to donate which would allow your next opponent to outspend you, I do have the ability to influence hundreds of others to vote for your opposition.

Chuck Schaeffer

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